Landmark Worldwide- A Permanent shift in Your Life!

Untitled2Human behaviour is affected by a tendency to look good. Persisting need to be wanted and accepted in life is what makes the human beings the most unique species in the universe. Personality is a very important aspect of any individual. You can enhance your looks with the help of the ever growing cosmetic market, but developing a personality takes a lot of strength, focus and determination. I joined a personality development class earlier this year since I was going through a major transition in my life. The phase was difficult for me and I needed a positive environment around me. I heard of Landmark forum through one of my colleagues and I decided to join one session just to try it out.

The Landmark forum takes place in three consecutive days. The programs are split into three divisions according to the age groups like young people, teens and families. These programs provide a direct access to change the quality of people’s lives, families, workplaces, and their communities. They usually have an evening session, generally on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday evening. Each session is for one hour which begins at 9 o’clock in the morning and ends at 10.00pm. Many people attend these sessions. Usually the number range from 75 to 200 people approximately. The program begins with a small dialogue in which the Forum leader presents a set of proposals, and the participants are expected to go up on the stage and speak about how those ideas are related to their own lives.  When I joined the programme, I was handed out a set of instructions, the dos and don’ts of the session. I did not miss any part of the session not even a single element.

The Landmark worldwide is a platform for people who have issues in their personal as well as professional lives, people who are dissatisfied or unhappy, distressed, and desire some sort of direction in life. The training emphasizes on communication skills. The main aim is to communicate whatever is running in their minds. It forces the participant to mirror on and examine their life from a different perspective. The course inspired many people to develop themselves anew. Some people see the effects immediately. I was called upon the stage to talk about my problems. After 15 minutes of talking, and sharing, I felt as if suddenly a huge baggage was lifted from over me. It felt good to be heard by so many people on the same platform sharing different problems.

If you want any information regarding the curriculum, or have any queries regarding the programme, you visit the website. Landmark forum review provides you with sufficient information and knowledge about the details of the program. At a personal level, I am in a much better place in life and happier than before. I can feel the change in me. The programme really helped me a lot and empowered me to create unlimited possibilities and make a difference in not only in my life but in those around me.

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Find a Piece of Happy Life by Attending Landmark Worldwide

Untitled1To reinvent myself from who I was to, who I have become today, took a lot of struggle. When several psychologists’ therapy sessions did not work out, I was devastated. As a small time model working for an advertising agency, my lifestyle had changed to the point of disappointment. Life inside the glamour world was taking its toll on me which was affecting my standard of living. I had resorted to alcohol and drugs accompanied by my colleagues. It was creating a great impact on my lifestyle which had to change. I searched online for a rehabilitation center but instead I found Landmark education program.

Different set of motivational courses provided at Landmark worldwide was valuable in every sense. My parents were disturbed by the way I had changed ever since I left home to live my life independently. They were my support system who backed me whenever I was in a trouble. But this time they were shaken by seeing my lifestyle and opted to stop communicating with me. Initially I did not bother about this fact until I realized that I was nothing without them.

One of my relatives was associated with the landmark forum education. Through her I got to hear about many new things.  She chose to accompany me for the program which was very helpful for me. I was overwhelmed to know about the systems offered by this course, as this was the best thing to transform a person. There were several other participants who were attending the session to straighten out their lives.

It is indeed true that every person was going through some or the other kind of troubles. Each one of us had to deal with the monster hidden within. The speakers at Landmark forum truly boosted me about how to concentrate on the events that can alter my life in a new way. I could feel stagnancy in my life due to unorganized schedule that I used to have. Photo shoots could last for hours together leaving me with no time to have a peaceful life. It was a highly competitive world and to be on the top was the prime concern for everyone. I too was tagged along in the competition which was very stressful to handle.

I missed my old life where I had no worries or people to prove my worth as a person. In order to achieve my goals I had hurt many friends by betraying their trust. Now I realized that all these things were building a sense of guilt within me leading me to depression. Through the course I decided to live a new life by beginning on the path of self-improvement. After the session I felt really free as a person, like I was set loose from many burdens.  Landmark education was a path that directed me to lead an effective life.  The advantage of having an optimistic view was that everything seemed beautiful no matter how difficult things seemed. The experience I got to learn was to focus on the things that make you happy rather than satisfy others.

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Attend Landmark Education for a Renewed Experience

Untitled2Even though everything I wanted in life was right beside me I never felt satiated about my life. There was something that always made me feel empty from within. My husband was a caring person when we were newly married but as years passed by I could feel there was a wall building between us. We both were working professionals and we never compromised on our work for our personal life. I knew it was time for a change that could stimulate my lost inner self and I found it through Landmark Education.

This was a platform where I learned how to manage work and personal life. Relationships are the only phenomenon a person strives to build, rest all are secondary. In my opinion I always had this notion that I was going right in my marital life by spending weekends together with my husband. In this process I messed up a strong bonding I used to have with him earlier. We both were so into each other in the beginning that the sudden change in our lifestyle brought about a vast barrier in our life. Our parents too had noticed this change and my mother suggested me to visit Forum de landmark.

Over here I realized that life is nothing without your dear ones around you. Even if you were stranded in a lonely island, a companion around you would never make you feel lost. But in my physical world where everything was secured especially our jobs, finances and a beautiful house to our name, we were never happy.

I wanted things to work like the way it used to be. For that Landmark Worldwide was my only ray of hope. I planned for a three days course session with them. I knew that this forum would bring a major change in my life. I could not wait for the transition I was about to bring in my life. My mother encouraged me a lot and I asked her to join me. A major breakthrough was awaiting and it turned out to be true.

While attending the session, I found the speaker was so motivated in life that it influenced me to a higher extent.  I realized that I had failed to give importance to many small things. In this competitive world, everything was about showing productivity at work place to grab the highest position.  But in the meanwhile we all had forgotten the need to be on top in personal life as well. A complete parading shift in my life could have taken place only if I would have given time and preference to my spouse.

That is what I did after returning home. I hugged him, prepared dinner for both of us decorated the dining table with candles and that is how it all began. He was stunned at first and could not believe his eyes since it was a long time that I had done something special for him. He was speechless for a while and then came to realize that attending the Landmark program had changed his wife to a new person.

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How to choose the dress-code for the interview

It is not a secret that any product, even of the highest quality, may be undervalued or simply rejected by a potential buyer because of improper external packaging. A similar situation is true for any applicant, who should properly present himself or herself to the employer during the interview. Consequently, the right choice of clothes can play a key role in creating the overall impression. Here are some tips how to choose the right dress-code for the interview.

The outfit must be chosen in accordance with the expectations of the employer.

If a manager is searching for a tidy middle-level member of staff, do not wear a sparkling jewelry. On the other hand – if the employer “draws” for himself the image of a respectable manager, modest casual style is not appropriate too. Before you think up your outfit, try to examine the situation in the company, which you are planning to get a job in. Look, how the employees of this organization look like in the photo on the website. There might be different variants of clothes and style depending on the specifics of the company you are going to work for. You can always find out more about a particular company on a job search sites before to apply for an interview and decide which clothing style to choose for a meeting with your future employer.

The easiest way to do this is to follow an image which is based on calm tones, high-quality, but simple silhouettes according to the principle of minimalism. But at the same time, there should be a bright detail in this image, which will emphasize the character of the individual. For female applicants, for instance, this might be a brooch on the lapel of her blazer and for a man it can be an exclusive tie.

Business style in clothes always looks good during the interview. The more thoughtful and tasteful, the better.

If the interviewer is a woman, and the applicant is a man, the first impression plays an important role. Therefore, a carefully prepared outfit is a must. It is also necessary to “add” some charisma gentle smile and energetic but at the same time smooth movements.

Then the woman will begin to analyze the details. Manicure (whether the hands are neat or not), accessories (whether everything from a pen to cufflinks looks harmoniously).

For female applicants modesty is very important in the interview. The best bet is to wear a simple and high-quality suit (pants or a skirt below the knee 5 cm) than jeans and an open top. It is better to wear a string of pearls than bright accessories. Of course, this rule does not work if you are applying for the post of an art director or fashion consultant in boutiques. In these cases fashionable accents are very important.

Another important detail is that all accessories resembling reptiles with leopard color, etc. create an aggressive appearance that is it is better to avoid wearing them in the office.

The interviewer determines what salary an applicant can have judging by the way he or she looks.

Of course, it is important to feel confident and at ease and for different people the clothes will be different. Someone may not feel comfortable in a skirt, someone does not like ties. It is also necessary to take into account and to find the compromise that could favorably emphasize the advantages of the candidate.

If you think that office work is not your cup of tea, you can check out some distance job offers and work from home in the atmosphere that is suitable for you.

High Paying Jobs in the Healthcare Industry that Offer Flexible Part-Time Schedules

If you are in college and trying to choose a major and ultimately a career, salary is likely on your mind. If your goal is to earn a high income, you may think you will have to put in long hours and devote your entire life to your job.

However, if you choose the right career, you can earn a comfortable salary while working part-time. Here, learn about five careers that pay well enough for you to earn a living with part-time hours. These jobs are perfect for those who want to have children, or those who want to have time to devote their lives to other interests. Read on to learn more.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average pharmacist earns $56.09 per hour. Becoming a pharmacist requires that you obtain a doctoral degree and pass state licensing exams.

Pharmacists are responsible for providing prescription medications to patients and counseling patients regarding the proper use of their medications. Pharmacists tend to work in retail or hospital settings.

Dental Hygienists

Over half of dental hygienists work part-time, per the BLS. According to the BLS, the typical dental hygienist earns $33.75 per hour and has an associate’s degree in dental hygiene. Some dental hygienists will go on to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Dental hygienists perform teeth cleanings, take x-rays, and teach patients about proper oral hygiene under the direction of a dentist.

Registered Nurses

Registered nurses earn an average of $31.48 per hour, according to the BLS. Registered nurses can become licensed with an associate’s degree in nursing, but some employers may prefer to fill certified nursing positions with those who have obtained a bachelor’s degree in nursing specifically.

Registered nurses work with doctors to provide healthcare to patients in a variety of settings, including hospitals, doctors’ offices, clinics, and nursing homes. Nurses are responsible for tasks such as documenting patients’ medical histories, providing patients with education regarding disease management, and administering treatments and medications to patients.

Dieticians and Nutritionists

Part-time work can be lucrative for dieticians and nutritionists. The BLS has reported that the average dietician or nutritionist earns $26.56 per hour, and about 20 percent of them work part-time.

Most dieticians and nutritionists have a bachelor’s degree, and they typically must pass a licensure exam. Professionals in this field provide nutrition counseling to clients and educate them about healthy food choices. They also help clients to develop meal plans.

Those who work in nutrition and the other fields discussed here can earn a comfortable salary while working only part-time. Choose one of these careers and enjoy the ability to pay for your expenses while still having the time to pursue interests outside of work or to raise a family.

Online MBA: MBA on the internet

The post-graduation courses in management are considered as the most popular and expensive at the same time. Irrespective of which part of the world you talk about, the management degrees for the students is always something much more just a degree. Also with the job enhancementsand the huge list of skills needed, this is the only degree that can benefit you in all possible ways. When everything comes with a set of pros and cons, if you feel that the benefits are much more in comparison to the easily overlooked. A lot of people often misunderstand online MBA courses with the distance MBA courses. However it is very important to understand that there is a huge difference between the two. More than anything else the online MBA happens over the internet completely without you not having to go for any time or place bound studying techniques.

Online MBA MBA on the internet

The online MBA programs are dedicated towards introducing a completely new and unconventional method of studying so that people irrespective of any problems or restrictions do not feel debarred of higher education. With the education in India being mostly job oriented everywhere; a big concern in front of the students in context to the online MBA is regarding this well. Most of the students believe that the chances of getting a good job or earning a pay hike if they are already working will be very less. This is a big misconception that should not be thought about much. More than anything else, you should use the internet itself to do all the research on the online MBA courses and get an answer to all your doubts and confusions.

Another prevalent misconception about the online MBA courses is that here the students miss out on networking and relationships that they will build up with their fellow classmates and the teachers. The students need to understand here that they will get one to one interaction sessions with the professors and scholars from all over that world. Moreover, there are a lot of interactive sessions planned in which the students get to know each other. With the additional student’s forums and groups on social networks, you can easily interact and help each other in online education as well.

Since the popularity of the online MBA is high it is important to understand all the types and categories of online MBA options that you will have to choose from. Apart from the course durations, fees, curriculum, syllabus, etc there are a few more things as well that will seek your attention. There are some courses where the students are given the offer to come to the physical campus for some time and study online the rest of time. Other than this the completely online program would never want to you to step out of your lucky chair and let you get an access to all the lectures, assignments and everything right at your finger tips.

In India if you want to get an admission in an MBA course from a regular reputed and renowned college, you will have to spend some good lakh of rupees. But this is not the case when you opt for online MBA. The fees here would have a range depending upon the college and specializations that you choose. With time the number of employers choosing students doing online MBA is constantly increasing. This ensures that you will have a job security and will surely get a return of the investment that you make. Since the process is a little new, it needs to be trusted and given some time to see how great it results is capable of delivering.

Technologies that are Changing Education

Technology has become an integral part of our society. One cannot walk down the sidewalk without being interrupted by a beep, buzz, or a ring tone. It should come as not surprise that we embrace technology when it comes to education. In this article, we discuss some of the ways that technology is changing education.

1. Interactive Education Via Apps


Image via Flickr by

When it comes to teaching people — kids and adults — they key is to engage them. In so doing the pathways in the human brain open to receive the knowledge being presented. Apps make awesome tools of engagement. These two apps are an example of how technology engages students.

Blubbr is an interesting app that allows the user to create interactive videos that are trivia based. How exciting is it to take a standard lecture and then turn it into something that is fun, interactive and educational? For teachers who want their students to be engaged, apps like Blubbr are key.

Another app that sparkles is HapYak. HapYak, which is a business platform, allows the user to create an interactive video. The focus here is to use a video that has educational value and then to overlay quizzes or poles onto the video. As students watch the video, they are quizzed by questions that you overlay onto the video. You do not have to create the video as you can use videos from sources such as YouTube. This powerful technology

These kinds of apps bring students into the learning process by keeping them engaged in what is happening. Plus, these apps do not require in-class time as they can be taken on any mobile device that plays videos. Technology gives teachers the power to inspire students to learn even when they are not in the classroom.

2. Virtual Learning — The Freedom to Learn Wherever You Are

Mobile technology is making the textbook extinct, and that is highly beneficial to learning. Textbooks are often outdated before they finish printing. With the ability of real-time learning provided by tablets or laptops, there is no reason to invest in textbooks. Plus, there is a huge health benefit when children do not have to carry 40 pounds of textbooks in their backpack.

So whether your instructional outlet is text, video, or even music, technology helps you deliver stunning content to students. Examples would include short video tutorials, micro-focused videos about key topics, eBooks, articles, and interactive products such as videos with quizzes embedded into them.

Add to the topic of remote learning and the craze that we have with mobile phones. Modern smartphones are so powerful that they easily play videos, open eBooks, or access the Internet. Students have the ability to learn wherever they are, and that is something that is changing technology.

3. Mobile Tech — How Do Cell Phones Increase Educational Opportunities?

Cell phones, such as Samsung smartphones that fit every lifestyle, become increasingly important, not only in our lives but also in education. When paired with reliable networks, cell phones allow us to expand our audience. Teaching limitations involved teaching those students who showed up to the classroom. Now teachers have the capability to teach on a global level via online classrooms.

Virtual teaching is increasing via all kinds of media. Webinars, for example, allow content to become focused and presented by experts who answer questions in real-time. Podcasts allow teachers to share their wisdom on an unlimited basis.

A simple smartphone or music device is all someone who wants to learn needs to find online education. No university required. No classroom needed. No textbooks to lug around. All you need is an open mind because technology has already made it possible for you, the student, to excel at whatever topic you love.

We talk about technology and how it changes the world. It has positively changed how we learn and where we learn. It has opened doors that cultural and geographic boundaries have kept closed for generations. We ask how technology has changed education and our answer is just a Google search away. Are you ready to learn?

Dorm Furniture Set-Up Methods

Moving into a dorm can be an overwhelming experience for a new college student. On top of the emotional strain of moving away from home, getting ready for class and meeting a new roommate, you’ll need to find a way to set up your cheap dorm room furniture new haven ct to create a good living environment. By arranging your furniture properly, you can balance your needs for privacy and socialization.

Before You Arrive on Campus

Knowing what your dorm room will be like can make the planning process much easier. Most university websites offer information on dorm room sizes and provided furniture, while some offer guides on room arrangement. Talking to your roommate can also give you great ideas, and it can help you form a plan for move-in day. Some websites even allow students to work together to plan room layouts and buy supplies.

Bed Lofting Provides Additional Privacy

Using cheap furniture new haven ct can help you create privacy in your dorm room, especially if you have a new roommate. Lofting a bed, or removing a bottom bunk to leave room for a desk, is a simple way to set aside part of the room for each person’s study or quiet time requirements. Many university websites state that bed lofting is an ideal space-saving measure.

Setting up Common Areas

While privacy is an important part of dorm life, you’ll also need places to interact socially. An open space created by bed lofting can leave a common area for group study sessions and recreational activities. By pushing dressers up against the wall, you’ll have more room for things like your TV and your fridge, while low chairs can leave everyone with a comfortable place to sit.

Power Supply

Knowing where your dorm’s electrical outlets are situated is a deciding factor in furniture arrangement. Support posts on a lofted bed can be a great place to hang power strips for electronic equipment and refrigerators. Because dorms are often dimly lit, you may want to put a floor lamp in the common area, and buy small bedside lamps for your desk and your bed. A clip on lamp can attach to a piece of furniture to provide ample lighting for late-night study sessions after your roommate falls asleep.


Bangladeshi Public result HSC will be published soon

HSC Result 2015 in Bangladesh. A huge measure of understudies sitting tight for this outcome. A large portion of them generally peruses to get their aftereffect of HSC (Higher Secondary School Certificate) Exam. Be that as it may, it’s not all that simple to get direct result from this site soon after distributing the outcome. Consistently this site appears to be down, the reason for monstrous hit. Here, we like to talk about a couple of option approaches to get your HSC Result inside of a few moments. Likewise, we will examine here the insights about the HSC come about before discuss HSC Result 2015 in Bangladesh at

HSC Result 2015 BD is drawing more consideration of the gatekeepers who has a specialist kid or a young lady. Since Exams were held in a discriminating political circumstance everywhere throughout the nation. Every one of us is cheerful to get our normal result and venture into the brilliant future.


HSC speaks to Higher Secondary School Certificate and it is comparable to Alim in Madrassah Board and HSC Vocational in Technical Board. Every single comparable exam happens in the meantime in the month of April furthermore their outcome is declared at the same date. There are generally ten instructive sheets named as Dhaka, Rajshahi, Comilla, Jessore, Chittagong, Barisal, Sylhet, Dinajpur and one Technical Board and one Madrassah Board.

This year HSC and its identical exams were begun in the first week of April and would be proceeded till first week of June. By and large the outcome is declared more than 2 months of the end of exams. So it is normal that HSC Result 2015 will be declared in the first week of August.

Subsequent to taking exams, there is one and only diversion for the understudies to check results news every day. Understudies need to be overhauled at the earliest opportunity. We will transfer HSC 2015 outcomes when it will be reported authoritatively. Results will likewise be accessible on and in your grounds.

Sitting tight for the HSC result 2015 BD summons blended feelings from the competitors. Some are clearly anxious, while others may be secret. Some are determined while others have a tendency to go simple. In any case, whatever is it, what makes a difference most is that you guarantee yourself that you have given your best in the exam. Trust you’ll hear uplifting news from this site amid the production of the outcomes.

We will give all of you overhaul news about HSC Exam Routine 2015 BD Dhaka Education Board and its connected here. You will get HSC Exam Routine 2015 subtle elements, subsequent to distributed by power.