5 International Travel Tips for College Students

Attending college is primarily about gaining higher education in order to prepare for a long and successful career in your chosen field.  However, college also presents a variety of other opportunities for young adults.  It is one of the few times in your adult life that you’ll have the freedom to travel extensively.  Unencumbered by the hallmarks of adulthood (job, mortgage payments, spouse, and family, for example), you can take this opportunity to explore other countries and have the adventure of a lifetime.  In some cases, you can even continue earning college credit while you spend time overseas.  With a few tips to get you started, international travel can be fun and hassle-free.


  1. Plan ahead. Preparation is a must if you have any interest in traveling during your time in college.  For starters, you’re going to need some items that could take time to get, so it’s best to start planning well in advance of any intended travel.  You’re going to need a passport, which could take several weeks to obtain, as well as appropriate immunizations for the area you’re traveling to.  If you intend to drive yourself around during your visit, you might also need to acquire an international driver’s license.  In addition, you should contact your insurance providers (health and auto) to make sure your coverage extends to overseas travel.  If not, you may need temporary additions to your existing policies to ensure that you aren’t left paying out of pocket should accident or injury occur.
  1. Try traveler’s checks. Tourists can easily become targets for thieves, which is why most travelers protect themselves by leaving valuables in hotel safes when they go out or placing cash and credit cards in a money belt so as not to provide easy access to pickpockets.  That said, the best option is probably to use traveler’s checks.  They act like cash but have the same protections as credit cards, and you can usually get them from your bank or your credit card company, as well as organizations like AAA.  If they are stolen or lost, you just have to call your provider to have them replaced.  As a side note, you should call your credit card companies to let them know your travel plans so your card doesn’t get flagged for fraud and denied while you’re overseas.
  1. Inform someone. It’s important that someone you trust has a copy of your itinerary while you’re traveling.  Think about giving it to your parents, a friend, or a roommate.  Then make plans to check in periodically, especially if you’re going to be gone for a while.  This way if anything happens, someone will know that something is wrong.
  1. Consider study abroad opportunities. One of the best and safest ways to visit other countries is through study abroad programs.  You’ll continue taking classes and earning credit toward your degree, often for the same price you’re currently paying for tuition.  In addition, the program will either place you in dorms with other students or with a host family that can help you to learn the lay of the land, so to speak, and enjoy fun and safe travel.
  1. Travel with friends. Before you start scouting London, Paris, and Hamburg hotels, think about whether or not you want to go it alone or travel with friends.  The former provides more freedom, to be sure, but traveling in numbers can decrease costs and increase your safety, along with your overall enjoyment of the trip.

Great Tips for Enjoying a Summer of Music

As Frank Zappa would remind us, music is the best. So when it comes time for the summer music festivals, you can either stay at home and read other friends status updates about how they saw some awesome music at these awesome festivals, or you can be one of the friends who’s doing the posting. You have the choice so don’t mess it up. Why don’t you man up and be the one who is taking the awesome trips? Well, maybe you think that you don’t have what it takes and besides, it sure would be a lot of hassle to get going to all the festivals. But we’re here to tell you it’s much easier than you may think. So go ahead and get to seeing music with these pro tips on enjoying the summer music festivals.

Always Bring Snacks


One thing that can ruin a festival is hunger and then the lack of access to food and water. Bringing your own snacks and water is a must. Some places won’t let you bring water in, and that’s a real bummer, so sometimes you have to live with that, but if that’s the case, then at your first chance, stock up on as much as you can carry. You don’t want to be out in the crowd dying of thirst. It’s an avoidable nuisance that you must take mind to fix so that you can enjoy what you came for: the music. If you’re doing long road trips between festivals, then the water and snacks thing definitely comes into play. You don’t want to be spending $1.99 at every stop on water: you can refill your bottles at most Subways or McDonald’s.

The More the Merrier

Hands up, while driving a convertible.
Hands up, while driving a convertible.

Don’t do it alone! Get your self a bunch of your buddies who are also adventure seekers, and make it a big trip. Three is the perfect number to travel with. You will always have a three way conversation which is nice, plus someone can always lay down in the back. If you have four, that means all of you have to be sitting up the entire time and that’s okay at first but trust us, at some point you’re going to want to lie down and just close your eyes while the road goes past. You don’t want to have to be sitting up the whole time.

Take Someone Else’s Car


You may be surprised, but sometimes the best way to do this is with rental cars. The cost of a rental, particularly if split three or four ways, will offset the miles put on your own car, and maybe you can even rent a car with better gas mileage so it’ll sort of even pay for itself. Plus you can get the full waiver insurance and not have to worry about it. At a place like avon truck, you can see that renting something is actually feasible.

Great Tips for Enjoying a Summer of Music

Sunrise Ford NoHo 5-1

Ford has always had the reputation for producing great family vehicles. For 2016 they have carried on this tradition. To check out the highlights of these and find the perfect ford vehicle for you just check out what Glendale Fordhas to offer.
2016 Ford Taurus

By the end of 2016 those looking for a sleek and stylish vehicle to transport the family around in then it may be the 2016 Ford Taurus that interests you. It is built for comfort along with many other important attributes. It will have great fuel efficiency along with improvements in its acceleration. It is a car that has been built for efficiency for both city and highway driving. This sedan allows for lots of space when it comes to leg and head room. It is equipped with the latest technology in LED. It handles well no matter what the driving conditions are which makes it an ideal choice for keeping the family safe. It is going to be lighter in weight compared to the older models. This will no doubt enhance its fuel efficiency.
2016 Ford Ranger

For the family that wants a vehicle that meets the needs of everyone, then waiting for the 2016 Ford Ranger may be the right choice. It is a truck that provides all the power that one may need or expect. At the same time the interior is spacious and provides all the room needed for the entire family. When it comes to cost saving features then the fuel efficiency of the 2016 Ford Ranger is not going to disappoint. This truck is built for long trips no matter whether it’s for business or for family fun.
2016 Ford Fusion

This one cannot be left out as a consideration for an impressive family vehicle. It has the capability to provide plenty of riding for 5 adults thanks to its spacious and impressive interior design. The seating quality has been enhanced to allow for plenty of leg and head room. These are just a few of the many impressive features that the 2016 For Fusion will boast of.
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Turned into an Expert in Color Theory and Color Mixing

colorPerusers are continually requesting more guideline and painting routines encompassing shading, which is not amazing considering how critical shading, the shading wheel, and blending hues are to an effective gem. That is the reason I’ve pulled together three top shading assets available at this moment and what they can accomplish for you!

Extend Your Art Knowledge: Understanding the Color Wheel with Color Theory Made Really Easy

Shading Theory Made Really Easy is the exceptional asset for vanquishing shading! It’s a 60-day course that you take in the solace and recognition of your own home, which is incredible for me in light of the fact that I am ready to ace shading hypothesis all alone timetable. What baited me to thusly of learning was the emphasis on the most proficient method to blend hues that aren’t sloppy, which is something I have an inclination that I over and over! What’s more, you’ll discover the consideration educator Sandra Angelo pays to showing the “mystery” recipes that the Old Masters may have once utilized is truly engaging. It wrapped everything up for me and is most likely justified regardless of the speculation of time and cash on the grounds that the result is so gigantic and essential to the improvement of my craft!

Finding What Your Art Colors Can Do with Color Mixology

Figuring out how to see and blend hues is pivotal. In any case, there are such a large number of shading plans out there, and the shading wheel has such a variety of varieties that I can begin to feel overpowered. In any case, Color Mixology is a video download that is truly active. I get a feeling of the down to earth parts of shading and, all the more essentially, how to control the attributes of shading so that when I take a gander at my organization, I know how to blend hues that will get it up on my canvas!

PowerColor: What Every Artist Needs to Know About Mixing Colors

You know how there are a few assets that you never let out of your sight in the studio? For me, PowerColor is most likely in that class. From fundamental shading hypothesis to knowing how to make a shading blending diagram to more confused shading blending, it is a book that has it all. Covering optics and material science and additionally how to blend hues fruitful and without waste, to color properties and even shows from built up craftsmen, I feel like “complete” is the most ideal approach to depict it, however ‘first class’ works as well!

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Forum De Landmark – Got My Daughter Back On Her Feet

I was afraid of being rejected by quite a few men in my life. This made me believe that, men do not deserve a nice woman. When I got married and had a daughter, I often used to interfere in her life trying to advise her to keep her away from men. Little did I realize that, I was ruining her life, and someday she would have to seek help from Landmark education in America.

While she was growing up, she has the similar perceptions as mine. She was allergic to boys. I felt she would eventually land up like me someday. Broken, but still moving. I was heartless and would not get carried away with any of the things men would try to lurk me in. When I realized I was committing a mistake I tried explaining things to my daughter. It did not quite work well.

After a few days, my daughter realized that my advice was right and quickly came and apologized to me. Soon she started seeing this guy, whom she loved with all her heart and soul. Eventually, just like all my guys during my times, he too left her. That is when my daughter had a difficult time coping up, she was full with negativity and there was nothing she could do to get over it. No doctor or medicine or even alcohol could help her. Seeing this I was a wreck and soon enrolled her for Forum de landmark.

 There are a number of such programs that run all over the globe, providing support to people in more than one way. Around 150 participants sign up for such services, that provide with the confidence and get rid of the negativity completely.  People can literally perceive the future and predict what will happen in the coming future. The course was spread over three days and would teach my daughter to believe in herself and attract positivity. They even make use of examples and help people understand what they need and what has to be done.

If you are unaware of such services, make sure you read a number of Landmark forum reviews before committing to them. The lectures are taken in good decorum where food and water is provided. However, you are required to spend three whole days from morning to night. After the end of three days, my daughter was completely normal. I was surprised to see the difference it had made to her. Without the use of medicine or long hours of therapy or rehab, my daughter was a happy living soul again.We are sure you will fall for them and be happy once the program is done.

If you are facing such a difficult task and are seeking to walk on the right path, Landmark should be your first option. The programs work best for people facing divorce, lack of confidence, negativity and so on. Make sure you sign up for the services beforehand as the seats are limited. I was very delighted to be known about such programs. Since then, life with my daughter is bliss.