Let Rosetta Stone Broaden Your World

In 1799, The Rosetta Stone was one of most remarkable finds of the 18th Century, and until today, is one of the most important artifacts in the British Museum.  The stone, written in both hieroglyphs and Greek bridged the language gap between the ancient Egyptians and the modern world. On the stone was the key to deciphering the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, the type of writing used by the leading religious authorities of the day.   Finally, after hundreds of years of trying to translate symbols and pictures, the key to unlocking and deciphering thousands of years of written information was available to the world.

That is the way most students feel when they finally master the key to learning a new language. A whole new world opens up.  And the Rosetta Stone global education technology software that develops language literacy and brain-fitness solutions can do that for you today.   More than 20 million students all over the world have used the Rosetta Stone language learning system.   And many more want to try it, but have been put off by the cost.   The great news is you can now save $300 off the price, and get free shipping when you use a Groupon Coupon online.  There’s nothing to clip, save or remember to use before it expires as with paper coupons.  And you can apply the discount with ease from your smart device.

The use of hieroglyph died out in Egypt around the 4th century, and with the passing of those who used it, mostly in ancient religious texts, the ability to translate all the information was lost.  Once the stone was discovered, it took many more decades before a scholar unlocked its secret.

Imagine the wonder that filled the Britain when at last the walls of the great tombs of Egypt no longer just intrigued but “spoke” to them.   You’ll have that great feeling when you finally learn the language you’ve desired to speak, too.  Rosetta Stone language learning system is the modern day equivalent to the boulder uncovered years ago by French soldiers who were simply at task rebuilding a fort.  With it, you’re open to the benefits learning another language brings.  Travel becomes easier and more fun when you speak the native language.  You can understand your loved ones and treasured family elders.  You can help your child expand their world view at an age when learning a new language is easiest.  Who knows what secrets they’ll uncover!

Around the World, One Bite at a Time

A tomato can teach you a lot about the world.  Sit it on the counter in your kitchen, and it’s just a fruit off a vine.  But by the time you’re done cooking it into a dish, it becomes Italian, as in pasta or pizza sauce.  It becomes Spanish, as in paella.  It becomes African, as in Nigerian jollof rice.  Or it can be the best ingredient in a good old American BLT sandwich.

For many people, the desire to see parts of the world starts with the flavors they’ve tasted in their mouth.  Many long for authentic Tuscan food, or to feel the slipperiness of an eel in Shanghai.  If travel to these exotic places is not in your plans right now, you can still savor the flavors of faraway places by visiting ethnic restaurants.  And what a great way to teach your children about foods and how different cultures prepare them.

Groupon has a new feature called Groupon Pages that can set you off on lots of culinary excursions.   Pages is a directory of thousands of businesses that can be searched to find establishments to explore near you.  With a few clicks and three easy steps, you’ll find ethnic shops, restaurants, activities and more.

Here’s a fun idea:  Have your children make a Passport from craft supplies.  For each ethnic food they try, they get a “visa” stamped inside representing the country the dish is from.   They can even add a description of what they ate and how they liked it.  Finding new places to eat is easy once you decide where you want to travel.  And with Pages, you get tons of information like hours, location, directions, menus, and more.   And you can apply great discounts right on the spot.  So let’s go!

First stop, Italy:

Step 1: Type in “site: groupon.com/biz

Step 2: Add in a type of business you’re looking for.

Step 3: Add in a city name. Example: “site:groupon.com/biz/italianrestaurants/losangeles

Bon voyage!