What Should a Graduate’s Goals be After College?       

Graduating from college is one of the best things that can happen to any individual. Not many are privileged to pursue a tertiary education hence, completing a bachelor’s degree should provide a very rewarding feeling to any college student. It should also serve as a motivation to continue pursuing their goals as they start a new chapter in their lives.

College is a stepping stone towards pursuing one’s chosen career although it does not always follow that a student ends up in a job closely related to his major. Regardless, what matters is the education one gained that could help him or her find a decent job after graduation.

In the U.S., research from the Center on Education and Workforce of Georgetown University has noted that the millennials comprise 40 percent of the unemployed sector. But the unemployment rate is already at its lowest level after seven years.

Find a Job

A 2015 Student Engagement Insights survey has found that majority of students hope to get a good job after completing their degree. On the other hand, 62 percent said they want to land in a high-paying job and 56 percent expressed interest in pursuing another degree. Those who wish to take further studies are either aiming for a bachelor’s degree after earning an associate degree or attending graduate school. Many indicated that they want to prepare themselves in fields that need licenses or advanced education.

Start a Business

Enterprising students can also opt to start their own business right after college. Startups owned by young people aged 25 and under are growing these days with some of them gaining success after only a few months in the business. Those who have earned a business degree including those who majored in marketing or entrepreneurship are most suited for this segment.

Starting a business should not be that difficult to college graduates with a business degree. After all, they were taught how to do this in their senior year as a major requirement for graduation.

Attain Personal Satisfaction

Some goals of college students may not really be tangible compared to others. Some claim their goals for pursuing their degree are to attain a broader experience and be happy. The same survey noted that others simply want to achieve a work-life balance, gain more knowledge, be able to travel and give pride to themselves.

Personal satisfaction could also mean finding one’s partner while in college although this does not follow that they end up marrying right after graduation, according to Marina Korol, a divorce lawyer. A 2013 Facebook Data Sciences study noted that an estimated 28 percent of married graduates attended the same college as their spouse.

Be Financially Independent

Along with finding a job and starting a business, many college students aspire to become financially independent moving forward. They feel they need to prove to their parents and to themselves that they can stand on their own and lead an independent life once they finish college. Fortunately, some of those who succeed early are able to enjoy financial freedom and do the things they want. What counts is being able to manage their finances well to enjoy the fruits of their labor for the long term.

Do Volunteer Work

While many college students are aiming to get a job and earn well after college, there are others who have a passion for helping their fellowmen in need or in difficult situations. For this reason, their goal is to join a national or international aid organization such as working for a non-government or non-profit group and the Peace Corps.

Volunteering can actually help a college graduate stand out among other applicants. This is because many employers today look for activities such as volunteering as a unique way of showcasing an applicant’s personality. They are able to determine how well a person can get along with other people as well and practice his other skills through such people-oriented activity.

With these findings, it is clear that most students enroll in college to increase their chances of getting a good job that pays them well.